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by Rev. Chris Ley

Many of us are currently stuck at home, and probably by now struggling to find productive ways to fill the time!

As face-to-face church gatherings are suspended  indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis, I wanted to share some of the best books I have ever read to grow in my own faith. Now is the perfect time to get into reading, and this is a really important discipline to develop as our other rhythms and routines of discipleship are on hold. 

Everyday Church

Fantastic and challenging book on the changes necessary to being the church effectively in our new post-Christian context. Based on devotions on 1 Peter.

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Slaves, Women and Homosexuals

Best book I have read on how to read Scripture well and know how to apply it today. Gives a grid for knowing when Scripture is culturally-bound, or when it is transcultural and prescriptive for all people for all time.

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Goodbye to Goodbyes

A wonderful, powerful children's book on death and the hope of resurrection that we have in Jesus. Traces the story of Lazarus

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The Great Omission

This book is what made me go into pastoral ministry. In many ways I feel my life-calling is to spread the biblical, Christ-centred wisdom in these pages. Main theme: Jesus came to raise disciples, not mere Christians.

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Message of Acts

A profound, accessible devotional on the book of Acts. Not hard to read, great for daily bible study, incredibly applicable.

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Face to Face

This book uses Scripture to help you pray, formatted in such a way to enable daily prayer and grow in intimate faith.

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Faith for Exiles

Based on current data to show the most successful strategies to help people follow Jesus in the (post)modern world.

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