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by Rev. Chris Ley

Many of us are currently stuck at home, and probably by now struggling to find productive ways to fill the time!

As face-to-face church gatherings are suspended  indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis, I wanted to share some of the best books I have ever read to grow in my own faith. Now is the perfect time to get into reading, and this is a really important discipline to develop as our other rhythms and routines of discipleship are on hold. 


Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas

Lovely Children's edition of the Christmas story, canvassing Old Testament promises and prophecies fulfilled in Jesus. Also contains helpful bible verses to summarize the gospel.

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knowing GOd.jpeg

Knowing God

Millions of people have come to know God through this book. It is perhaps the most important Christian book of the 20th century. It is on everyone's must-read list for good reason. If you haven't read it but always meant to, this is this time! Let Packer teach you not just how to know about God, but how to actually know Him.

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Everyday Church.heic
Church, Evangelism

Everyday Church

Fantastic and challenging book on the changes necessary to being the church effectively in our new post-Christian context. Based on devotions on 1 Peter.

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Bible Study

Slaves, Women and Homosexuals

Best book I have read on how to read Scripture well and know how to apply it today. Gives a grid for knowing when Scripture is culturally-bound, or when it is transcultural and prescriptive for all people for all time.

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goodbye to goodbyes.jpg
Children, Bereavement

Goodbye to Goodbyes

A wonderful, powerful children's book on death and the hope of resurrection that we have in Jesus. Traces the story of Lazarus

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God With Us

The best advent devotional I have read. Beautiful, poetically written daily devotional that takes you through Advent, Christmas and ends at Epiphany. Full of interesting historical anecdotes about our Christmas traditions and rich biblical insight.

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long obedience.jpg
Discipleship, Devotional

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Whenever I feel like my head is sinking below the waves, it is often God's Voice speaking through Eugene Peterson that lifts me heavenward back to safety. This is the best book of his I have read, a reflection on the pilgrim psalms and discipleship in an instant society. A perfect devotional resource for anyone today.

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Great Omission.jpg

The Great Omission

This book is what made me go into pastoral ministry. In many ways I feel my life-calling is to spread the biblical, Christ-centred wisdom in these pages. Main theme: Jesus came to raise disciples, not mere Christians.

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Bible Study

Message of Acts

A profound, accessible devotional on the book of Acts. Not hard to read, great for daily bible study, incredibly applicable.

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In Name Jesus.jpg

In the Name of Jesus

One of the most beautiful and profound books I have ever read. It was also Rev. Timothy and Mrs. Fong's gift for me upon my ordination. This book is incredibly rich for any Christian, whether a leader or not, on the foundation of our ministry. 

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discipleship edge.jpg
Bible Study, Discipleship


on the Edge

Brilliant book that unveils the most mysterious (and misunderstood) book of the Bible: Revelation. Fantastic resource for personal devotion and study. One of the best books I have ever read, and perhaps what planted in me a passion for faithful, relevant bible study and teaching.

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Face to Face.jpg

Face to Face

This book uses Scripture to help you pray, formatted in such a way to enable daily prayer and grow in intimate faith.

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Faith Exiles.jpg

Faith for Exiles

Based on current data to show the most successful strategies to help people follow Jesus in the (post)modern world.

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