What comes to mind when you think of "church"?

Probably hard pews, ancient chants, odd smells, and a preacher who was the voice-over for all the adults in Charlie Brown!

Off Main we strive to be none of these things. We think worshipping and getting to know God together is exciting! We don't want "church" to be stuffy, dry and unwelcoming. 

On Sundays Off Main, we gather together as a group, hang out and have some munchies, sit in a room together, and seek to both worship and connect with the God of the universe. We listen to His Story of making all things new, we talk and reach out to him in prayer and we enjoy Him through song.  Our meeting lasts 45 minutes to an hour tops, and I promise it isn't cultish, wierd, or dry.  

We believe humans are created to know, enjoy and celebrate God, and so we believe when we meet Off Main we are fulfilling the job we were created for! Join us, worry free. You are welcome here.


A Member Parish of the Anglican Network in Canada

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