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Prayer is the engine that births, nurtures and empowers all God's work in the world. We have at our disposal the full power of the all-powerful God to do anything we could ask or imagine - even the impossible - if only we ask. Jesus berates God's people for not receiving because we do not ask, and then promises his followers will do greater works than even he ever did on Earth if only we would ask.

Our church stands on the precipice of our next chapter. The building that has been our spiritual home for the past eight years has been sold and we need to move. Simultaneously, our faithful and beloved rector, Rev. Timothy Fong, will retire in 2020. We face in our immediate future some of our greatest challenges in our history, but also our greatest opportunities proclaim, praise and pursue Jesus. If ever a season to draw near to God and ask incredible prayers, we are there! So please use the resources below to pray - faithfully, earnestly, desperately - for our loving Father in Heaven to intervene as His Spirit is poured out that His Kingdom may come and our city be filled with His glory. 

Prayers for Renewal

Prayers for Renewal Cover on table.jpg

Use this very short, focused booklet to pray, morning and night, for the mission and needs of our church and our world. The booklet combines pre-written prayers from Scripture, The Book of Common Prayer, and from faithful Christians who have gone before us, as well as space for your own prayers. This is a good entry-level book of common prayers if you are new to prayer or don't have much time.

Need prayer?

It would be our honour to pray for you, whoever you may be!​ We believe God is good, He made you, He loves you, He is always available, and He is always willing to provide for our deepest and more desperate needs. You can approach Him yourself in prayer, or you can ask us to pray for you or with you. He will not send you away empty handed. He promises

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God bless!

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