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MISO is a community of young adults who live near Main Street.  We hang out weekly, often over a meal, and after the obligatory catch-up and perhaps the occational board game, we sit down, read a passage of the Bible together, and talk about it. 

MISO is non-threatening, and safe. It is a place to be yourself and meet a bunch of other normal people trying to journey through life. The difference is our compass and map is not the world around us, but what we believe to be the Words of God, the voice of the God of the unierse who created us, loves us, and wants us to thrive. We get together to discuss His Word, to work out what it meant when it was written, and what it means to us today. We wrestle with hard passages, trying to find the loving, caring character of God in the middle of some pretty messed-up human situations. 

This group embodies what being off Main is all about: A community of faith, a group of friends, a gathering of humans seeking to live well by knowing God and loving Him as we get to know each other and love the world around us. It's pretty awesome, you should come.

Not sure if you fit the demographic of MISO? That's fine, we have a bunch of other small groups as well! Contact us to find out which group is best for you!