New Electronic Organ

We acknowledge with sincere gratitude the gift of a Rodgers Columbian 75 organ from Mr. Michael Kamaszewski and the Kamaszewski family.  The organ is now placed in the sanctuary and its beautiful sound will bless our congregation at our Sunday Services and bring glory to God.  In thanksgiving to God for this instrument, there will be a dedication of the organ on Sunday, September 25, at the 11:30 am Service.

我們衷心多謝Michael Kamaszewski先生及Kamaszewski家庭送出一部Rodgers Columbian 75電子風琴。這部風琴已安置在教會聖殿內;它美妙的音韻將在主日崇拜中祝福我們的會眾,並為上帝帶來榮耀。為感謝主賜我們這部電子風琴,我們將於本主日,九月二十五日,午堂崇拜時將舉行獻琴禮。