Easter matters. Regardless of your spirituality or philosophical ideas, if a man  is publically killed and then three days later is seen resurrected, it is worth investigating! That is exactly what we aim to do, starting on April 16. We will look at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, asking if it is credible, believable, and if so, why does it matter today? 

Come at 3:30 with your kids for an Easter Egg Hunt around the church, and stay for our 4:00 family service as we sing some songs, get to know one another, and listen to the most amazing and perhaps challenging story ever told. 

We are not a weird Christian cult, but a community gathering of normal people who live in Vancouver and want to learn more about God and His work in the World. We are open for everyone to attend, especially if church is not your normal context. You are welcome here, this community is for you!

Is He Risen?