COVID-19 Update

In Person Services Resume starting June 6, 2021. Please read the protocols below.





As our In-person Sunday worship gathering restarts, here are what we need to know to comply with BC Health Order for Indoor Worship Services:  


  1. For the time being, there will be one Service only at 10:30 am.  Please refer to Sunday Service schedule in the bulletin.

  2. Due to space limitations, maximum 33 people are allowed to gather in our church sanctuary to maintain social distancing.

  3. Those wishing to attend must sign up.  First come first serve. Seats are not guaranteed for those who did not sign up.  If you are signing up for more than 1 person, please provide names of each participating individual as required under the Health Order.  Please sign-up here: 

  4. All physical church Services will be livestreamed through our Parish SMSL YouTube Channel: and Facebook

  5. Please do not attend in-person Service if you are feeling sick, or have been in contact with a sick person.

  6. We will not provide any children's ministry (or playroom) during Service

  7. All attendees must wear face masks or coverings throughout the Service.  Please bring your own mask.  There will be some available for those who do not have face masks.

  8. A physical distance of 2m between people is always expected. 

  9. Attendees are requested to clean their hands upon entering church.

  10. Please follow signage on the floor to keep safe distancing. 

  11. Please only take the seats marked with an X


During Service:


  1. There will be no congregational singing, only designated singer or worship leader can sing.

  2. There will not be a passing of the offering plate.  Offerings can be dropped in the donation box in the narthex as attendees enter or exit the church.

  3. There will be no shared Bibles or books during Service.  The Liturgy will be shown on screen.

  4. Please follow Server’s direction when proceeding to receive Holy Communion, always maintaining 2 metre distance.

  5. After Service, participants are requested to wipe their seats using disinfectant wipes.  Disinfectant wipes will be given out the end of the Service.

  6. No loitering in narthex after Service, socializing to be done outdoor, physically distanced at 2m apart

We pray that these measures will help worshippers feel safe attending physical church Services.  We look forward to worshipping with you in person at SMSL.




* * *


教堂實體聚會重開 – COVID 措施


  1. 暫時每主日只舉行一堂實體崇拜,聚會時間上午十時半。請參閱週刊有關主日崇拜計劃表。

  2. 由於教堂面積限制,崇拜聚會最多只可容納33人以確保社交距離。

  3. 希望參加崇拜的人必須報名。先到先得。沒有報名的,不保證可以入座。若你登記超過一個人參加,請循衛生指令要求,報上每個參加者的名字。報名請登:

  4. 所有教堂的實體崇拜將通過牧區的
    YouTube 頻道
    Facebook 進行直播。

  5. 如果您身體感到不適或曾與病人接觸,請不要參加實體崇拜。

  6. 崇拜時我們將無法提供任何兒童事工(或遊戲室)。

  7. 所有與會者都必須整堂崇拜戴著口罩。請自備口罩。教會可提供有限口罩給沒有帶備的人使用。

  8. 人與人之間請時常保持兩米 (2m) 距離。

  9. 參加者進入教堂後請洗手。

  10. 請遵循地板上的記號,以保持安全距離。

  11. 請使用劃上X記號的座位。


  1. 會眾不可唱詩,只有指定的詩班員或敬拜領袖可以唱。

  2. 崇拜中不會傳遞奉獻盆。請在進堂或散堂時把你的奉獻放入正門大堂的奉獻箱內。

  3. 崇拜禮儀將顯示在螢幕上,座位將不會擺放共同使用的聖經或禮文書。

  4. 請依循侍從的指示前往領聖餐,時常保守兩米距離。

  5. 崇拜後,參加者請使用消毒抹紙自行清潔你的座位。崇拜後我們會派發消毒抹紙。

  6. 崇拜後請即離開,不可在正門大堂耽擱。若要交談,請到戶外,並保持兩米距離。



Parking Lot

Sunday parking arrangements are published here.