St. Matthias and St. Luke (SMSL) is a multicultural, multigenerational gathering of people who seek to connect with God, one another and our neighbourhood.


We gather Sundays at 11am near Main @ 16th Ave in Vancouver, BC at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (320 E. 15th Ave). There are two simultaneous services: one in English and one in Chinese.

When we gather, we pray to God, express ourselves in song, listen to His voice through His Word, hear a short teaching session on what we have just read, and enjoy fellowship in community.  In short, we are part of the Church. 


Whether you have never been to a church in your life, or have worshipped since you were in diapers, SMSL is a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and life-experiences. Come explore and find answers to the most important questions of life, as we learn from the true God who has spoken to us clearly in His Word. You are welcome here.

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We are made up of a diverse community of families, friends and neighbours who live in Vancouver. Some of us have grown up together, and for some of us this community is fairly new. We include programmers, seniors, students, immigrants, parents, babies and everyone in between.


We are a community of faith. That means we value our relationships with each other and our world in the context of our shared relationship with God. We strive to journey through life seeking to follow Jesus, the only person in history who is fully-God and fully-human, who left Heaven and came to earth to establish His Kingdom and to ensure humans enjoy life in Him forever. 

Anyone and everyone from every background is welcome to join us, along the way of Jesus, a path marked by faith, fellowship and the pursuit of true, wonderful limitless and eternal life in God.

St. Matthias and St. Luke is part of the Anglican Network in Canada. To find out what Anglicans traditionally believe, click here.

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MISO Small Group

Sunday Gathering


Join us for a mid-week evening of food, friendship, fun, and a dynamic conversation about a passage of the Bible and how it relates to the world around us.

Every Sunday at 4pm we meet to learn about God, talk to Him, sing about Him, and hear what He says to us in His Word. Everyone and anyone is welcome.


The word "church" originally refers to a group of people gathering to discuss the business of their nation or kingdom. Christian churches therefore are all about people and the connections you enjoy as we learn about the Kingdom of God coming to Earth. The whole point of church is to enjoy relationships with each other and with God together, so check out these simple ways to get connected.

Church Christian Religion Evangelical Anglican

Every Sunday at 11am we hold two services: one in Chinese and one in English, to learn about God, talk to Him, sing about Him, and hear what He says to us in His Word. Everyone and anyone is welcome. Childcare is provided.

Discuss the biggest and most important questions out there, in a non-threatening, friendly environment. Runs weekly, click the link to see when next session begins.

Bible Evangelical Friends Community

Our community is centred around the Bible, the book we believe to be God's Word and tell God's story of creating and redeeming the whole world. This is where we form relationships with one another, and explore the most important questions of life in a safe environment.

Meal Fellowship Friends Food

Special Events

Our community loves to eat together, celebrate holidays and host special events. Check regularly for upcoming special events.



Seasonally we offer special opportunities to connect with our neighbours, through hosting a Moms' Group, a Children's Choir, and special evenings and events to freely inquire and explore what it is that Christians believe.